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  Dear Colleagues,

The organizing committee of the 9th Cherry Blossom Symposium (International Conference of Clinical Laboratory Automation and Robotics) welcomes you in Yokohama, Japan, to attend one of the most highly acclaimed meetings in the field of laboratory automation, to be held from April 17th April 19th, 2014. Founded by the late Prof. Sasaki and other outstanding senior experts in this field, the first meeting took place in the season of full bloom of cherry blossoms in Kochi, Japan, and all the subsequent meetings were thus named “Cherry Blossom Symposium”. Most of the previous meetings focused on laboratory automation and robotics, and served to arouse interest and nurture knowledge in participants coming from various parts of the world, particularly from Asia.

Starting from this meeting, the organizing committee has decided to encompass a wider range of topics related to laboratory medicine, so that the participants can have better understandings of all the aspects of laboratory medicine in addition to laboratory automations.

We hope you will join us at the 9th Cherry Blossom Symposium and have a fruitful and friendly time with global scholars in Yokohama, which is the first sea port in Japan opened to the world and so is full of historical assets. Please take your time in between the sessions, and try splendid cuisines and sightseeing.

Yukio Ozaki MD, PhD
Organizing Committee of the 9th Cherry Blossom Symposium